Popular Grandma Names
A baby is named and so is a grandma

“Every time a baby is born, so is a grandma.”

Every time a baby is born, the baby is given a name.  And when a woman learns that she is going to be a grandma, in addition to wondering what the grandbaby will be named, she often begins thinking about what name she might want to be called.

In a totally unscientific poll, I asked 17 women what name their grandchildren call them.  The results were as follows:

  • Grandma       4
  • Nana             3
  • Mimi              3
  • Grammie/Grammy  2
  •  NaNa            1
  • G-ma             1
  • MeMa             1
  • A name incorporating the grandma’s first name  2

There have always been grandparents who were called by non-traditional names, but the trend seems to be growing.  Just as there are books of baby names, there are now books of grandma names and also long lists of suggested grandma names online.  A grandma by any other name is still a grandma, but why are so many grandmas opting for a different name?

I was curious so I asked some of the women I surveyed.  I received four reasons which were:

  1. The answer given most often was a version of this:  The name Grandma brings to mind a stereotypical image of a rotund gray-haired woman in a rocking chair wearing knee high hoes, SAS shoes and knitting.  I am not that person and wanted a name that sounded more fun and youthful–like I feel.
  2. My grandchild called me this when they began talking and it stuck.
  3. As a result of step families, my grandchild has four grandmas.  I wanted a name to differentiate myself from the others.
  4. My grandchild’s parents always referred to me by this name because it is what they wanted my grandchild to call me.

What about you?  What do your grandchildren call you?  Did you select a name other than Grandma?  Why?  Do you have a unique grandma name?

I’d love to hear the story behind it.

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  • Sheree says:

    I won’t be a Grandma until May of 2013. My girls call them both Mamaw and the last name to tell who is who. My Mom passed in March of 2011 and since there will be no other “Mamaw’s” on my side I think I’d like that honor. But in the words of my wise Mother “I don’t care what they call me as long as they call!!” I do like Mamaw though.

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